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- juridical services, tax and customs regulation, bookkeeping and accounting, financial law, accounting financial reporting;

- protection in court, client interests representation in state public authority (including supervisory controling and law-enforcement authority);

- support of trading, industrial, construction, investment projects;

- economical and financial analyses, market and competitive environment research4

- complete complex of juridical services and project management services for foreign and international companies and organizations in Ukraine;

- complex of business security measures;

-  international economic activity, consulting, complete project management.


Experience, Professionalism, Reliability, Effectiveness, Reputation



Firstly. With the big variety advocates, lawyers, juridical companies  - both Ukrainian, both foreign and international, requirement  in qualified, practically useful, not so expensive, effective as from the point compliance with law so from objectives achievement for the client's benefit, - juridical services all time is present and will be vital issue.

Secondly. Companies of average business (as Ukrainian as well foreign and international, which providing or going to start up there activity in Ukraine) - are the basis of state economy and well-being of people, exactly they are owr key clientele; big companies as a rule have there own powerful juridical services, or contracts with big international legal and audit companies - what cost big money, as well they have proper connections in authority, political and administrative back up in there disposa, also there own security services.

Thirdly. Nowadays when economic globalization process spining up, Ukraine actively increasing integration paces into global World community, compensating its backlog which unfortunately is present today, - there is a time when espacially highly appreciated companies whach have perfect knowledge and wide experience of work both in Ukraine, both abroad: we have essential  experience of work not only in Ukraine, but also in countries of European Union, USA, at Middle East, in Southeast Asia, Northeast Africa, countries of CIS. Our work require high professionalism, experience and deep knowledge in the sphere of inter-economic relations, law, taxation and bookkeeping, customs regulations, economy and finances, business security, leading negotiations, relationships with state, local and municipal authority, business-consulting and assets management, organisation and conduct special business-processes, qualified stuff study and recruitment, conflicts resolution, risks and competitive environment evaluation, proper information getting and processing (including information from confidential sources.

Forthly. Wtih creation in Ukraine in 2010 Ministry of incomes and revenues which included tax and customs services, tax police and anti-corruption divisions (nowadays it renamed into State Fiscal Service of Ukraine), start up in the recent time Financial police, - in the busienss-environment have formed demand for special juridical bureau concentrated at tax and customs questions, international economic activity conduct and maintenance, - in our work we do accent exactly at this juridical specialization.

Fifthly. Indispensable factor of our activity success is deep international experience, long successful work in Ukraine and neighboring countries, fusion of foreign languagues exellent knowledge, lncluding profesional juridical and business lexicon, trust of our clients and there recommendations.


- Providing by highly qualified specialists juridical and consultancy services for Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine for reasonable payment, as well representation and maintenance of our client abroad, professionally and qualitatively, politely and correctly, achieving of the clients goals, - what give sense of security and confidence, despite of all unpredictabilities and complexity of entrepreneurship activity and life. 

- We work with owner of business, to the benefit of owner, and for achievement of desirable result in his interests!


1. Taxes and customs regulation:

- oral and written tax consultations;

- tax appeals;

- VAT questions;

- criminal cases, connected with taxation;

- criminal cases, connected with smuggling;

- customs administrative reports about goods seizure, imported (exported) with customs rules violation;

- general customs questions (goods classification, customs value determination, customs clearance delays, customs clearance stops etc.);

- consultations about common customs tariff and non-tariff regulations in the process of export-import operations;

- tax audit;

- conducting tax and customs cases in court.

2. Conducting economical, civil, administrative cases in Ukrainian courts.

3. Enforcement execution of court judgments.

4. Conduction court disputes in arbitration courts.

5. Pre-court settlement economical and administrative disputes and conflicts.

6. Full juridical conduct of economic activity.

7. Protection in criminal cases, connected with economic crimes.

8.  Tax planning and optimization by the legal way, including use of foreign companies with low taxation.

9. Full conduction of projects and special business-processes, including assets management of Ukrainina and foreign economic entities.

10. Juridical, economical, negotiation, financial, contract conduct of international-economic projects (marketing, market analyses, negotiations process, contracts maintenance, financial procedures, economic security, trading activity,  works and services execution and providing, investment projects, industrial and construction projects).

11. Services of full business security.

12. Providing seminars and training cources.

13. Participation in negotiations with counterparts by the client's authorization.

14. Full conduct of industrial, construction, trading and investment projects.

15. Full project management in the sphere of industry, construction, commerce.

16. HR recruiting and check up.

17. Information getting, processing and analyses (including received from closed sources) for the client's needs.

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