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"Center of economic and legal analyses and forecasting"

Dear Ukrainians, colleagues, friends! Our country is going through a transitional period, a new stage in the life of our society coming true, our country, ours: after overthrow of kleptocratic regime bureaucrats-oligarchs, their leaders fleeing abroad with the people's money and property, a new stage came - the stage of breaking, restructuring, crisis, and falling down of living standards. Economy exhausted by corruption is no more doing its work, intimidated and crushed entrepreneurs can no longer create workplaces, pay such amount of taxes as before, feed up the country. Our long-suffering people no longer want to live "as before", but does not know how to live further in new conditions. Many people who now occupy positions in the state cabinets are timeservers for a very short period of time, the people call them "caliph for an hour", struggle between clans and oligarchs, falling down of living standards and prices rising, national currency hryvna further devaluation and pre-default condition of public finances, rampant of criminality and violence, military anti-terrorist operational figthing which or subside then flare up again, intervention of foreign forces in Ukrainian interior matters and in-fact absence of any real help from international community. What do we do, ordinary people: workers, farmers, small and medium entrepreneurs, office workers, state employees? To leave out of the country? Throw things to flow their own course and with horror continue watching TV-news? Radicalizing and go to the next Maidan? I think that neither the first nor the second, nor the third does not suit us and does not give desired solution and result! Only mutual responsibility, intelligence, hard work, education, mutual support will lead for the result, as well new leaders - those who with their own deeds proving that they worthy to be leaders, to be responsible for himself and for people, to lead them forvard! For the common benefit, benefit of our families, our home where we live, our street, district, city or village, our region!
Recognizing that democratic reforms in our country could give an effect only with moderate liberal approach to their implementation, as well as with strict observance of legitimacy and law, respect to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens established by European Convention on Human Rights. Aware of the fact that reforms will be fruitful only in the atmosphere of social cohesion, public confidence in reform conductors, understanding public needs and oppinions by leaders (this could be director of the plant, head of the housing department, the general physician of the hospital, or simply respected person (public oppinion leader) - mechanic, farmer, worker, athlete, artist or sciencist) essence of reforms and their consequences, timing of their implementation and road map that will show time for results obtaining, - all that would allow to have a patience - endure and survive temporary difficulties and did not stop positive reforming course at the "half-way". Categorically unacceptable are radicalism, gross law and legislation violation, criminal approaches for problems solving, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, irresponsibility of leaders and chairmans, corruption and bribery, incompetence and dilettantism. Understanding of necessity providing reforms and realisation of mentality of the Ukrainian society reconstruction - state and community for the people, for everybody of us, our families, sub-communities - but not vice versa! Avoidance of extremism and radicalism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, pre-exposure violence, restoring of legitimacy, rule of law, calmness, respect for the labor people (workers, farmers, engineers, entrepreneurs of small and average business, artists ans intelligentsia), - that is our aim, result of our expextations and efforts. our struggle, fight, and what we are together, joining efforts,  surely would achieve! 
In this difficult perioud and in the mean time perioud of opportunities and incomes, which our country live through, very important things are: making conditions for small and average business development, providing qualified juridical, economical and financial, informational and consulting services for Ukrainian companies of the real sector of economy (industry, construction, agriculture, trade), also for foreign and international companies which conducting there business acitivity in Ukraine or going to start it up.
Yours sincerely,
General Project Manager
Dmitry Yurovskyi
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